Sunday August 9 Crabbes River to Pasadena 155 km (Total 7252km)

We got up and packed the tents without having breakfast. There was a truck stop at less than one kilometre from the campground so we made better time by having breakfast there. Our goal for the day was to get close to Deer Lake. The winds were from the south west so we had them in the face for the first little while. After about 10 km we would be turning and having tail winds for the rest of the day. It was a beautiful sunny day with little traffic. The cars came in waves and must be from the ferry in Port aux Basques. We had dinner on the road and continued into Corner Brook. Garret and Dylan were keeping a good pace and the boys were staying with them. The senior members of the team were behind and would only catch up when they stopped for a break. On the outskirts of Corner Brook we stopped to get water at a Tim Horton. Dylan filled a bottle from the washroom sink and the water was yellowish brown. As André was entering the store, a local fellow hauled him aside and said there was a natural spring about a mile down the road that would be better than any water from the town supply. Judging from Dylan’s water bottle, it shouldn’t be hard to beat. Sure enough, there was a car parked beside the road a mile from the Tim Horton. The driver was filling large containers from a 2 inch pipe on the side of the road. He said people have been coming here for years to get their water. We all filled our bottles and drank before continuing. The road was in excellent condition and the traffic was not very heavy. There was only one town of any size between our present location and Deer Lake. It was called Pasadena. Our choice was to stop in 5 km or continue for another 30 km. We already had 150 km under our wheels today so we opted for Pasedena. As we entered the town, Dylan asked a resident for camground options and got some complicated response so we headed in that general direction. André was leading the group and spotted a small sign that got his attention: Pasadena Pizza. Of course everybody was in favor of checking the place out. It was a small place and easy to miss but we followed our noses and found the spot. We couldn’t have struck it any better. The owner was an avid cyclist and very interested in our trip. For starters, he had just overcooked a large garlic fingers and offered it to us for free. How fast does a large garlic fingers disappear when six hungry cyclists appear? Very! He also had a camping option for us that he would explain when he had a few minutes. We ordered two large pizzas and waited outside at the picnic table, cleaning off the rest of the garlic fingers. When our pizzas were ready, the owner brought them out with plates and a cutter. He also explained that there was a closed campground that was being turned into a subdivision. The streets are paved with curbs but no lots have been developped. After eating our pizzas, the owner offered us his stock of pizza by the slice since it was getting old. It didn’t have a chance to get much older. We made our way to the closed campground and found the best campsite to date. Paved roads no traffic and plenty of free vacant campsites. It doesn’t get any better than this. By the way, the pizza was one of the better ones of the trip. Thank you very much to the Pasadena Pizza guy for everything, you make Pasadena one of the highlight spots of our Newfoundland trip.