Monday August 10 Pasadena to South Brook 162 km (Total 7414km)

With no one else in the campground, we had a great sleep. André was up at daybreak and had water boiling for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate for everyone. We polished off 3 boxes of cereal and 4 liters of milk and hit the road at about 8 am. This section of road was new and the shoulder was just perfect. We had a few climbs before reaching Deer Lake but they were nice and steady so not difficult. The next stop was the grocery store for supplies before heading out of Deer Lake. We knew we would be in a more remote section so we geared up for it. The scenery in the last few days was just amazing. The beauty of Newfoundland is everywhere. No moose yet but we haven’t given up hope. Garett has never seen a moose and hopes to see one before his trip is over. We stopped for lunch in the middle of the afternoon. It was peanut butter and jam sandwiches behind a restaurant using the employee picnic table. As we left the spot, the sky was clouding over and the wind picked up even more. In true Newfoundland fashion, there was a storm forming within minutes. We were tossed around by the wind and it was even a bit dangerous near the lakes since it was a strong side wind pushing us in the traffic. Once we turned and had the wind in our back, it was clear sailing to the campground. We never really got much rain but it got very dark and windy. If it ever got nasty, we may have been in for a rough ride since there were no places to hide. Once we hit South Brook, Charline and Martin went for groceries while the rest put up camp. The tents were tied down extra strong since the forecast was for strong winds. Charline spotted blueberry bushes in the campground so Zack and Garett spent some time getting blueberries for the morning cereal. It  got quite windy when we were heading for bed,  but the rain was holding off.