Wednesday August 12 Bishop Falls to Gambo 145 km (Total 7664 km)

It got really cool last night. The forcast was plus four and I believe we got it. The breakfast included coffee, tea and hot chocolate. As we cycled, things warmed up fairly quickly. The sun came out and it turned into a beautifull day. We planned on having lunch in Gander so everyone cycled with that in mind. The road climbed and climbed and climbed towards Gander. André joked that we should start seeing snow anytime now. We found the Pizza Delight in Gander at about 1:30. It just happened that the buffet was on until 2. I don’t think they made money with the buffet that noontime. They could not keep food at the buffet table for more than 30 seconds. Cycling is great. Coming out of Gander, we hit a section of construction that lasted for at least 10 km. They had passed the milling machine but hadn’t paved yet. It was a very rough ride with no room for bicycles and no option but to use the main lanes for cycling. Not fun at all, we were glad to see it end. The Gambo community campground was our home for the night. It was a rustic campground about 2 km out on a dirt road. We hit the grocery store for supper supplies. On the menu were canned beans and molasses with bread. The desert was watermelon. Garrett and Dylan had never had the saturday night maritime tradition of beans and molasses. It was a treat for everyone. As we were setting camp, our neighbor came and introduced himself. Terry said he noticed we were on bicycles and offered his truck for anything we may need to get in town. He later came out of his camper with his two daughters and offered fresh chocolate chip cookies that his wife just made. To top things off, he later brought over some cod au gratin that they had for supper. The cod was caught by their family and prepared in a traditional way. These people are very nice and we are so lucky to be here. Our neighbours from across the road are three young ladies cycling, camping, and enjoying Newfoundland at a different pace. They were so impressed by our trip that they gave us a box of beer, and some nanaimo bars they got at a market earlier that day. Thanks girls. Only in Newfoundland.