Previous Trips

Some of the trips we have done as a family

Prince Edward Island

We toured the eastern part of PEI in the summer of 2004 with Atlantic Canada Cycling. It was a ten-day tour. The kids were 9 and 11. We must’ve liked it because we did another trip the next summer! It was an ideal first tour because the roads were nice and there was very little traffic.  Just don’t let anybody tell you that PEI is flat!


New Brunswick

The following summer,we did a three day independent tour of the Acadian Peninsula in northeastern New Brunswick. André had the YAK trailer and we all carried stuff on our bikes. It was a good test to see what independent touring was like.




The summer of 2006 found us training for the challenge of the west coast of Newfoundland. This was another ACC tour. Only in Newfoudland can you have sunshine, rain and fog in the same hour. We travelled from Deer Lake to Saint-Anthony in ten days. Two words of advice when you’re in Newfoundland: Dot’s Bakery.


Nova Scotia

The only atlantic province left to visit was Nova Scotia and we toured the west coast of it in the summer of 2007. This area was settled by the acadians and still has a strong acadian presence. This was also an ACC tour. It was the first tour which other kids attended, giving the boys someone of their age with whom to cycle.